A List of 84 Simple Acoustic Guitar Songs for Newcomers

Easy acoustic songs for beginners have a unique quality. Perhaps it’s because you’ve heard them repeatedly at bars, patios, or around a campfire. It could be because so many people know the lyrics. It’s because covering the songs of your well-liked artists (from Pink Floyd to Jason Mraz) is a great way to learn the instrument.
People love to sing along with acoustic guitar, no matter what genre. It doesn’t matter how easy the song is or what the chord progressions are; freshers and intermediate players can entertain people or have fun singing songs like Hey there, Delilah or Mary had a small lamb. From Achy Breaky Heart to House of the Rising Sun.

We created this beginner’s guide with both complete songs and accessible versions of challenging tracks in mind. Many of these songs require a complex chord or a complicated strumming pattern.

Some songs are slightly altered, such as switching a D minor to a D. This makes a more advanced song a beginner song. Everyone will be able to tell that you’re playing “Knocking On Heaven’s Door” and “Sweet Home Alabama.”

What is an easy song for guitar?

It cannot be easy to compile a list of easy songs for beginners. This list was created with a few rules to ensure that it would suit beginners.

There are no songs on our list of easy-to-play guitar songs that can be played with at least four chords. The majority of the songs can be played with just three chords. We avoided the “F” chord and any other barre chords. The song’s chords are all listed beside it, so you can quickly find the songs you can use with the chords in your head. Many songs have links to video lessons that will help you learn how to play them.

We ensured that these songs were enjoyable and added songs from other genres and intended audiences to the list. There are happy songs for kids, easy songs for adults, rock songs for kids, accessible songs that can be used as a guitar solo, and many other songs.

Strumming Patterns: A Note

It will only make it more difficult to add complex strumming patterns to songs as you learn them. The first step in understanding these songs is to have the chord charts and guitar tab. Before we move on to more complicated strumming and fingerpicking, we try to show beginners a few basic chords.

First, get a metronome. You can buy one on Amazon or download one to your smartphone.

Except for one, all songs in this list have a 4/4 time signature. We have included a video to help you navigate the song “This Years Love” (it’s in 6/8).

This guitar lesson video will show you how to add simple strumming patterns once you have mastered the chord changes.

Guitar Chord Books We Recommend

Although the songs we have compiled are limited to the basics of chord progressions, there is always more. There are usually books that cater to different types of players, including easy songs for beginners and easy songs for children.

Keeping a book handy is a good idea, especially if you are learning chords. We have linked to some of our favorite chord books for guitar!

84 Songs for Acoustic Guitar Beginners

A quick note before we move on to the list. Although we tried to list them in a particular order, it could have been better with the easiest first. We tried to record all three chord songs first, then the four-chord songs.

These easy guitar tabs are available at Ultimate Guitar.

Learn the chords and the basics of strumming a simple guitar song. You can also pick songs with similar chords to learn new chord patterns and accessible songs. This will allow you to add chords slowly and still be able to play your favorite songs.

Have fun, Oh!

  1. Walk of Life – Dire Straits – A, E, and D
  2. Moves Like Jagger – Maroon 5 (Bm7, Em7)
  3. Wonderwall – Oasis Em7, G Dsus4, and A7sus4 (Never Move Two Fingers!)
  4. Sweet Home Alabama – Lynard Skynard – G, D, C
  5. Feelin’ Alright Traffic – A, D
  6. Marshall Tucker Band – Can’t You See – D. C. G
  7. What’s up – 4 Non-Blondes (Am, C, G)
  8. Johnny Cash – I Walk the Line – Johnny Cash
  9. How Bizzare – OMC – A, D, E
  10. Bob Seger – Old Time Rock n Roll – G. C. D
  11. Glory Days – Bruce Springsteen – A. D. E
  12. Bottoms up – Brantley Gilbert Em, C, and D
  13. Leaving On A Jet Plane – John Denver – C, D, G
  14. Bad Moon Rising – Creedence Clearwater Revival D, A, and G
  15. Free Falling – Tom Petty – A, D, Dsus4
  16. Heros – Wallflowers – C, D, G
  17. Say it Right – Nelly Furtado C, D Em
  18. Elvis Presley Hound Dog – Elvis Presley E, A, and B7
  19. A Girl Like You – Edwyn Collins – Em, D, C
  20. Lay Down Sally Eric Clapton – A, A7. D, E
  21. She Will Be Loved by Maroon 5, Am, C, G
  22. Blowing Smoke – Kasey Musgraves E, A
  23. Common People – Pulp A, D, and E
  24. Love Me Do – The Beatles – A, D, and E
  25. Louie Louie, The Kingsmen – A, D. Em
  26. All Summer Long – Kid Rock – D. C. G
  27. Fallin – Alicia Keys – Am, Dm
  28. Marry You – Bruno Mars – D, Em, G
  29. Van Morrison Brown Eyed Girl – G, C. D
  30. These Years Love – David Gray – C. D. G. Em
  31. Breakfast at Tiffany’s Deep Blue Something – A D, G
  32. Want Somebody To Love – Jefferson Airplane – G, D, Em, A
  33. Stand by Me – Ben E. King
  34. You Used to Love Her – Guns n’ Roses – A D, G
  35. Parts for dolls – Hole- A, C, and D
  36. How to Save a Life – The Frey – G, D. C, Em
  37. I still haven’t found what I’m looking for – U2 (A, D, and E)
  38. Break On Through – The Doors – D Em
  39. Laundry Room – The Avett Brothers- Am, C., G
  40. Day after Day – Alan Parsons Project Am, C Em, G
  41. Back to December – Taylor Swift – Am C, Fmaj7 G
  42. For your love – The Yardbirds Em, G. A. Am
  43. Knocking on Heaven’s Door – Bob Dylan – G, D. Am, C
  44. Turn the Page – Bob Seger, A, C. D, Em
  45. Save Tonight – Eagle Eyed Cherries – Am Fmaj7 C, G
  46. Mad World – Gary Jules Em, G. D., A
  47. Working Class Hero – John Lennon – Am, G, D
  48. Buddy Holly – That’ll be the Day – C, G, D7
  49. Line of Fire – The Veronicas – Am, C. Em, G
  50. I Won’t Back down – Tom Petty C, D Em, G
  51. Before You Accuse me – Eric Clapton E, A, and B7
  52. Mustang Sally – Wilson Picket C, Fmaj7 G
  53. Closing Time Semisonic – G. D. C. Am
  54. Girl, You’ll Be a Woman Soon! – Neil Diamond – Em, A. D. C
  55. Songbird – Oasis G, D Em
  56. Behind These Hazel Eyes Kelly Clarkson Em, C. G., D
  57. Ring of Fire – Johnny Cash G. C. D
  58. Hall of Fame Script – C. D. Em, G
  59. Honky Tonk Woman – The Rolling Stones – A, C, D, G
  60. Going down slow – Blues Standard G7, C7, and D7
  61. Sugar – Maroon 5, – C, Am Dm, Fmaj7
  62. One – U2 (Am, D, Fmaj7, and G)
  63. Radioactive – Imagine Dragons Am, C, G, and D
  64. Hello – Adele – Em, G, D, C
  65. Steelers Wheel: Stuck in the Middle with You – D, G, A, and C
  66. Where Your Heartache Is – The Menzingers. G, C Em, D
  67. Bye, bye, love – The Everly Brothers. A, C. D, E
  68. Love the way you lie – Rihanna – C, D Em, G
  69. Hot Legs – Rod Stewart – C, D, E, G
  70. We Are Never Ever Going Back Together – Taylor Swift, C, D Em, G
  71. I Run To You – Lady Antebellum – A, D, Em, G
  72. Poker Face – Lady Gaga – C, D, Em, G
  73. Let Her Cry – Hootie & The Blowfish – C. D. Em, G
  74. Perfectly Clear – Jewel – C. D. Em, G
  75. Next Year – Foo Fighters – A, C, D, G
  76. Why don’t you get a job – The offspring – A, D, E, and G
  77. Nutshell – Alice in Chains – C, D Em, G
  78. Pompeii – Bastille – C, D, Em, G
  79. No Rain – Blind Melon A, D. E, G
  80. A Long December – Counting Crows. – A, E, Em, and G
  81. Drive – Incubus- A, C. D, Em
  82. In The End – Linkin Park – C. D. Em, G
  83. It’s Been a While – Staind Am, C. D, G
  84. Linger – The Cranberries- A, C. D, G

Are there beginner songs we have missed? We’d love to add new songs and expand the list as we receive comments.

You can find thousands more songs by artists such as Eric Clapton and Jason Mraz, Red Hot Chili Peppers (Sam Smith), Red Hot Chili Peppers (Sam Smith), Pink Floyd, and Aerosmith. Lynyrd Skynyrd. Bob Marley. John Denver. Johnny Cash. Creedence Clearwater Revival. John Lennon. These songs can either be used or modified for intermediate and beginner players.

The Last Note

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