An Illuminated Keyboard That Teaches You To Play The Piano!

The way we learn piano has changed a lot over the years. To learn piano, you had to go to lessons and buy book after book to progress. This is still a great way to learn, and many of us do it with our children. Although you can learn many things independently, having someone to help you is the best way to learn.
However, in recent years, internet access and smart devices have made it possible to create websites and apps that allow you to learn on your own or progress faster than you would with the lessons.

Which one should you choose? Which is the best light-up keyboard piano for you?

Many options include full-size 88-key pianos like the ONE smart keyboard or smaller but more powerful learning keyboards such as the Casio Casio LK-250.

This post will help you find the best one for your child or you!

Is it possible to learn with light-up keyboards?

They are indeed good. They are great for beginners, both adults, and children. The first step in learning to play the piano is knowing where the notes are.

It’s as simple as that. A traditional piano lesson is where the teacher directs you to the correct notes. The light-up keyboard and piano guide you with their lights.

Although it cannot teach you how to sit at the piano or where to place your fingers on the keys of the keyboard, many instructional apps demonstrate these techniques.

Each one comes with a related app that will guide you through each step and show you how to get there. You can even practice with them by playing fun games or puzzles.

You will eventually forget to turn on the lights, and you’ll be able to follow the lights with muscle memory. The light can be turned on or off. You can even record your voice on many of them.


The ONE Smart Piano is an excellent option if you need a large upright piano with lighted keys in a hurry. The Casio LK-265 keyboard is a better choice if you prefer a more compact keyboard. The integration with Chordana Play, their excellent learning app, is why I chose Casio.

You can also integrate them with learning apps on your smartphone or tablet. These are the best choices, which we will discuss in greater detail below.

These are the top keyboards/digital pianos that have light-up keys.


The ONE Smart Piano

The ONE Smart Piano is, Weighted, 88-Key Digital Piano with Grand Graded Hammer-Action Keys (Upright, Piano-Matte Black).

The ONE Portable

The ONE Music Group, 88 Key Portable Keyboard (TON1W).

The ONE Smart Piano Keyboard

The ONE Smart Piano Keyboard includes Lighted Keys, 6 Keys, and a MIDI Connection.

Yamaha EZ-220

Yamaha EZ-220 61-Lighted Portable Keyboard Package With Headphones, Stand, And Power Supply

Casio LK-S250

Casio LK–S250 61-Key Premium Lighted keyboard pack with headphones, stand, power supply, 6-foot USB cable, and eMedia Instruction Software (CAS LKS250 EPA).


LAGRIMA LAG450, 61 Key Electric Piano with Stand Smart Light Up Keys For Beginners, Lighted Portable Keyboard with Micphone, Power Supply and Music Stand, Adjustable Seat, Black

The ONE hi-lite

The ONE Music Group Player Piano, TOH1 – This piano fits any keyboard/piano!


A high-quality upright piano that lights up the keys

The ONE Smart Piano, a high-quality upright piano that features 88 weighted key options, is beautiful and elegant. It’s a funny name, the ONE… but that was the name they gave it! (I’m crazy if they will ever make the TWO, LOL… Sorry, I couldn’t help it! Okay, back to reality!

This digital piano is the perfect choice if you want a piano with the traditional upright acoustic feel but modern electronic learning capabilities. This piano is the only upright piano on our list.

As a music teacher, I strongly recommend that students start right from the beginning, regardless of whether they are a child or adults.

This piano is a costly piece of furniture. This piano is an excellent choice if you want something that will last a lifetime. It’s also a high-quality instrument with great sound. If you prefer a cheaper keyboard, there are options here.

My student should experience the 88 keys and the weighted hammer action. The digital piano includes all these elements and an interactive learning system with intelligent features.

If you are looking for an instrument that your child can use from beginner to advanced, this is the right choice. This piano is A1 in quality. The keys feel heavy and sound great.


An upgraded version of the pro version is available in beautiful Rosewood color. It has a more extended height (35 inches), and better sound quality. The keys are made of synthetic ivory, and the guiding lights have larger sizes.


This model allows you to access mobile apps on your smartphone or tablet by investing in them. The app contains a wealth of learning material that can be integrated with the lights on your piano to help you find the right notes.

The video lessons are broken down into steps and cover everything from the basics to more advanced topics. You can also choose from a wide selection of sheet music. Both children and adults can benefit from the many games. These games will give you a percentage, so it’s easy to set a goal to improve your score or challenge another person to learn with you. These games make learning fun for beginners and pianists. Remember that practice is just practice.

My cousin asked me for my help in choosing a piano, and she got it for her daughter, aged 7. Because the piano is so fun, she says that all her family plays it daily. Her daughter can now read essential sheet music with the guiding piano lights off. Her brother, age 11, and she have contests to see who gets the highest score. She claimed that it was hard to get them off the piano. That is a significant complaint!

The ONE Smart Piano, Weighted, 88-Key Digital Piano with Grand Graded Hammer-Action Keys Upright, Piano-Matte Black
Lang Lang Lang, a world-famous concert pianist and a strong supporter of music education, is now an investor in this brand. Many of the video lessons in the App are featuring him. Imagine yourself being able to say, “Lang Lang is your teacher!” Lang Lang teaches hand posture and hand position on the ONE Smart Piano.


The LED lights above this piano’s keys work with the accompanying app to help you find the right notes. Before moving on, it waits for you to find the right message.

Although lighting up your keys is appealing, you may wish for a subtler prompt after a while. The LED lights above this digital piano’s keys are much prettier!

The light is just above the keys to allow you to play, but the keys themselves don’t light up. The piano has three pedals and an entire wooden body, giving it an authentic piano feel. This digital piano is beautiful and functional. The screen can show you the keys to play or sheet music.


My mother’s old wind-up metronome is still with me! My little girl uses it to practice her timing and keep it perfect. This piano, like most digital pianos today, has a built-in metronome. It sounds like a tick-tock sound at the speed you choose.


This digital piano features 88 hammer-action keys. It is a full-size piano with the feel and touch of an acoustic piano. The digital piano also features three-foot pedals, just like a traditional keyboard. These are essential features if you want to be serious about your piano lessons.

The hammer action will teach you how to use proper touch techniques to create dynamic and sound effects from the beginning. You can also control the sound and create dynamics with the pedals. It takes practice to master the pedals of a piano. This is why I recommend it as a music teacher!


The ONE Smart Digital Piano is the perfect instrument for you if you want a piano that will last a lifetime and not need to be upgraded. You can choose from a variety of tones and a lovely piano sound.

You can make a pop song using the combined rhythms, or you can play a classical piece on the traditional piano tone. There are many possibilities. Many people have reported that this piano can inspire children and “want” to learn. This piano is grand for adults as well as children. You can learn at your own pace, and learning is enjoyable. This piano is suitable for all levels of piano playing, from beginner to advanced.

The ONE Music Group Portable Digital Piano (TON1B).

Portable Piano of excellent quality that lights up the keys

The portable model has 88 keys that activate the hammer and all of the digital features found in the previous model. Although it does not include pedals, the pedal input allows you to attach an external pedal.

It features 88 fully-weighted keys and intelligent features. Like the piano version, the LED lights help the learner find the right notes. You can also use the integrated video lessons, piano games, and Crash Course.

It features 128-not polyphony and various sounds and instruments.


The piano/keyboard from The One is very similar to the one I reviewed. It is lighter and more portable.


Portable keyboard with 61 keys that lights up!

This can be connected to your tablet/smartphone. The keys will light up and give you access to the learning app. Touch response keys respond to your touch. This feature replicates the hammer action, which is superior to all other options.

I find the touch-sensitive function annoying. So I turn it off whenever possible. It weighs only 11 lbs. You will need to purchase a stand separately.


This keyboard is ideal for beginners or those who need something lightweight and portable. You’ll need 88 keys for advanced users.



Yamaha Education Suite (Y.E.S. ) is available to you. Yamaha Education Suite (Y.E.S.) is available and will guide you through mastering the songs. The device includes a fingering guide that will help you properly use your fingers. You can wait until the light-up keys are correct before you move on.

CASIO LK-250, 61-KEY

The keyboard is a premium package with headphones and a stand. The keyboard has 61 touch response keys, and the lighting system can access more than 100 preset songs. Wireless connectivity is available to Page Turner, an iPad application that can be used with the preset music.


The Casio keyboard features 61 keys. Either battery power or an AC adapter can power it. You can use it to explore various instruments and sounds with its 400 tones and 150 rhythms.

The Chordana Play app is available for free. You can learn songs and follow along with the keystrokes. The 60 songs included in the step-up lessons are all free. This keyboard and app are fantastic for self-learning. The Casio LK-250 keyboard is an excellent keyboard for beginners. It lights up the keys and teaches you how you can play.


Lagrima has become a well-known brand for musical instruments at a reasonable price. This new model has 61 keys and is designed to tell you how to play and learn.

There are 225 tones, 225 rhythms, and 50 demo songs that you can play with the illuminated keys.

The three-step training function guides the learner through the learning process. First, they learn the melody. Next, they ‘follow’ the melody and then ‘ensemble’ the whole thing.





This is your solution if you own a keyboard/piano but need the lights! The ONE Piano Hi-Lite attaches directly to your keyboard. Through sensors and Bluetooth, it tracks your playing.

Connect to many learning apps, including the free ONE Smart Piano App, to learn songs quickly or to play games to improve your playing skill. It can also be connected to other MIDI apps like Synthesia, Piano Maestro, and Garage Band.

This little gadget might be the answer to your piano-lighting problems if you already own an instrument.

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